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Canadian Automated Bank Machines Inc. (CABM) offers three different ATM programs specifically customized to fit your needs to help your business increase sales and revenue.

Self Owned & Funded

Self funded and operated ATM that you maintain and own yourself and operates on our Bank Switch. This program produces the most amount of income for your business and of course the revenue is driven by the amount of users. The total transaction fee is yours and is deposited directly to your account along with the funds withdrawn in most cases within 24 hours. We charge a small monthly charge of $50.00 per month to maintain your machine, monitor it 24/7 and service it.

Self Funded

Our second option has CABM Inc. place and maintain the ATM and you maintain the level of cash in the ATM on a daily, weekly basis. The cash withdrawals are credited to your account daily on auto transfers directly by the Bank Switches along with your split of the transaction fees. The split of the transactions fees are based on volume and can be adjusted as volumes increase. Ask our sales department for more details.


The third option has CABM Inc. place and maintain the total operation of the ATM including loading it with CABM cash. We will pay you a commission based on volume of the machine. CABM Inc. has a minimum of 500 transactions per month before the splits start and the number of transactions of course drives these splits.

Contact our sales office for more details at [email protected]