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Convenience Stores

Convenience stores come in all shapes and sizes. Canadian Automated Bank Machines Inc. (CABM Inc.) have products that can fit the needs of any convenience store. Whether your company is small or large, requires multi-media dispensing capabilities, or you are simply looking for a bare-bones ATM, we have a product to meet your needs.

Financial Institutions

As the leader of the off-premise ATM market, CABM Inc.’s Triton products are ideal for providing financial institutions the equipment to make your ATM program profitable. Many financial institutions have tried ATM programs in recent years and failed simply because the equipment they deployed was expensive to install and maintain. Triton designed its equipment to be inexpensive to purchase and maintain without compromising quality.


Customer satisfaction is the number one priority of retailers. Offering services that make the shopping experience easier is one way to do that. Our ATM’s can provide your customers with more than cash -- they provide information. With our ATM’s on-screen advertising capability and full motion video high topper, you can help your customers find the products they are looking for. As an added feature, you can advertise promotions to your customers while they are inside your store. All of this, plus cash in hand. Install a CABM Inc. ATM and increase your profits. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your ATM program.


You have a gift shop, a coffee shop and a lounge, but your guests have left your facilities to get cash. . .and they didn’t return. Placing an ATM in your facility will keep your guests happily nuzzled in your location where they can enjoy all of the amenities they have come to expect. Plus, with the ability to customize your ATM signage, you can have your logo prominently displayed on the ATM, maintaining the image that you want to project.


From bingo parlors to full-scale casinos, there is one thing that your customers need: CASH. Providing cash on-site is essential, but it can cut into your bottom line unless you find an ATM that is cost-effective to install and maintain. CABM Inc. products are designed to help you build an ATM program that is easy on the bottom line. With our advertising capabilities, you can let your customers know about Keno night or the big show. Keep them coming back by advertising future events. Triton has products to suit small to large gaming operations.


Your park or bowling alley provides everything your customers need for fun, food and entertainment; everything except cash that is. Canadian Automated Bank Machines Inc. provides cost-effective options to put more cash into your customer’s hands -- cash that is likely to be spent at your place of business. If you take your show on the road, CABM Inc. has CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) wireless connections available, ensuring that your ATM can go with you.


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TTW 2000 Though the wall ATM at the Boathouse, White Rock, BC.