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  • There are over 35,000 Automated Banking Machines located across Canada.
  • Shared Cash Dispensing transactions reached a record high of 375.3 million transactions in 2001.
  • The most popular day for ATM usage is Friday.
  • Independent studies show that cash retention among large retailers is 30-33%, retention among smaller retailers is 35-40%.
  • Nightclubs and Pubs are seeing 70-80% of the dispensed cash staying at the club. Retail location ATM’s that dispense $20.00 bills increase store sales by over 8%.
  • Of 22 million Adult Canadians, 85%, (18 million) hold a banking card.
  • 60% of Canadians ages 25-34 and 51% aged 25-49, use ATM machines eight times a month, with drawing an average of $55.00 per transaction.
  • The most frequent ATM users normally have a household income exceeding $40,000 a year and are married with children. Most have attended college, 25% are professionals 41% are men and 59% are women.
  • Among people that use both credit and debit cards, debit cards are used most often.

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